cl-Supercontinuous Functions


  • D. Singh University of Delhi



Clopen continuous function, Supercontinuous function, Perfectly continuous function, Strongly continuous function, Zero-dimensional space, Ultra-Hausdorff space


Basic properties of cl-supercontinuity, a strong variant of continuity, due to Reilly and Vamanamurthy [Indian J. Pure Appl. Math., 14 (1983), 767–772], who call such maps clopen continuous, are studied. Sufficient conditions on domain or range for a continuous function to be cl-supercontinuous are observed. Direct and inverse transfer of certain topological properties under cl-supercontinuous functions are studied and existence or nonexistence of certain cl-supercontinuous function with specified domain or range is outlined.


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Author Biography

D. Singh, University of Delhi

Department of Mathematics, Sri Aurobindo College


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