Function Spaces and Strong Variants of Continuity

J.K. Kohli, D. Singh


It is shown that if domain is a sum connected space and range is a T0-space, then the notions of strong continuity, perfect continuity and cl-supercontinuity coincide. Further, it is proved that if X is a sum connected space and Y is Hausdorff, then the set of all strongly continuous (perfectly continuous, cl-supercontinuous) functions is closed in Y X in the topology of pointwise convergence. The results obtained in the process strengthen and extend certain results of Levine and Naimpally.


Strongly continuous function; Perfectly continuous function; cl-supercontinuous function; Sum connected spaces; k-space; Topology of point wise convergence; Topology of uniform convergence on compacta; Compact open topology; Equicontinuity; Even continuit

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1. Pseudo perfectly continuous functions and closedness/compactness of their function spaces
J.K. Kohli, D. Singh, Jeetendra Aggarwal, Manoj Rana
Applied General Topology  vol: 14  issue: 1  year: 2013  
doi: 10.4995/agt.2013.1622

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