Common fixed point results for a generalized ( ψ, φ )-rational contraction




Fixed point, common fixed point, ( ψ, φ )-contraction


In this paper, we obtain two common fixed point results for mappings satisfying the generalized (ψ,φ)-contractive type conditions given by a rational expression on a complete metric space.  Our results generalize several well known theorems of the literature in the context of (ψ,φ)-rational contraction. In addition, there is an example for obtained results.


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Author Biographies

M. C. Arya, B. S. R. Govt. Degree College, Rikhanikhal, India

Department of Mathematics

N. Chandra, H. N. B. Garhwal University, India

Department of Mathematic

Mahesh C. Joshi, Kumaun University, India

D. S. B. Campus


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M. C. Arya, N. Chandra, and M. C. . Joshi, “Common fixed point results for a generalized ( ψ, φ )-rational contraction”, Appl. Gen. Topol., vol. 24, no. 1, pp. 129–144, Apr. 2023.



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