Applications of pre-open sets

Young Bae Jun, Seong Woo Jeong, Hyeon Jeong Lee, Joon Woo Lee


Using the concept of pre-open set, we introduce and study topological properties of pre-limit points, pre-derived sets, preinterior and pre-closure of a set, pre-interior points, pre-border, prefrontier and pre-exterior. The relations between pre-derived set (resp. pre-limit point, pre-interior (point), pre-border, pre-frontier, and preexterior) and α-derived set (resp. α-limit point, α-interior (point), α-border,
α-frontier, and α-exterior) are investigated.


Pre-limit point; Pre-derived set; Pre-interior; Pre-closure; Pre-interior points; Pre-border; Pre-frontier; Pre-exterior

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1. ON $P-\mathcal{I}$-OPEN SETS
Jeong-Gi Kang, Chang-Su Kim
Honam Mathematical Journal  vol: 31  issue: 3  first page: 293  year: 2009  
doi: 10.5831/HMJ.2009.31.3.293

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