Pettis property for Polish inverse semigroups




Inverse topological semigroups, Polish semigroups, Pettis theorem, automatic continuity


We study a property about Polish inverse semigroups similar to the classical theorem of Pettis about Polish groups. In contrast to what happens with Polish groups, not every Polish inverse semigroup have the Pettis property. We present several examples of Polish inverse subsemigroup of the symmetric inverse semigroup I(N) of all partial bijections between subsets of N. We also study whether our examples satisfy automatic continuity.


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Author Biographies

Karen Arana, Industrial University of Santander

Escuela de Matemáticas

Jerson Pérez, Industrial University of Santander

Escuela de Matemáticas

Carlos Uzcátegui, Industrial University of Santander

Escuela de Matemáticas


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K. . Arana, J. . Pérez, and C. Uzcátegui, “Pettis property for Polish inverse semigroups”, Appl. Gen. Topol., vol. 24, no. 2, pp. 455–467, Oct. 2023.



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