Mappings on weakly Lindelöf and weakly regular-Lindel¨of spaces

Anwar Jabor Fawakhreh, Adem Kiliçman


In this paper we study the effect of mappings and some decompositions of continuity on weakly Lindelöf spaces and weakly regular-Lindelöf spaces. We show that some mappings preserve these topological properties. We also show that the image of a weakly Lindelöf space (resp. weakly regular-Lindelöf space) under an almost continuous mapping is weakly Lindelöf (resp. weakly regular-Lindelöf). Moreover, the image of a weakly regular-Lindelöf space under a precontinuous and contracontinuousmapping is Lindelöf.


Lindelöf; weakly Lindelöf and weakly regular-Lindel¨of space; Almost continuous and almost precontinuous functions

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