The hyperspaces Cn(X) for finite ray-graphs


  • Norah Esty Stonehill College



Hyperspaces, Finite graphs


In this paper we consider the hyperspace Cn(X) of non-empty and closed subsets of a base space X with up to n connected components. The class of base spaces we consider we call finite ray-graphs, and are a noncompact variation on finite graphs. We prove two results about the structure of these hyperspaces under different topologies (Hausdorff metric topology and Vietoris topology).


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Author Biography

Norah Esty, Stonehill College

Department of Mathematics, Stonehill College, Easton, Massachusetts 02357


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N. Esty, “The hyperspaces Cn(X) for finite ray-graphs”, Appl. Gen. Topol., vol. 14, no. 1, pp. 73–84, Apr. 2013.



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