A RAFU linear space uniformly dense in C [a, b]


  • Eduardo Corbacho Cortés University of Extremadura




RAFU, Uniform density, Uniform approximation, Radical functions, Approximation algorithm


In this paper we prove that a RAFU (radical functions) linear space, âˆ, is uniformly dense in C [a, b] by means of a S-separation condition of certain subsets of [a, b] due to Blasco-Moltó. This linear space is not a lattice or an algebra. Given an arbitrary function f 2 C [a, b] we will obtain easily the sequence (Cn)n of ∠that converges uniformly to f and we will show the degree of uniform approximation to f with (Cn)n.


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Author Biography

Eduardo Corbacho Cortés, University of Extremadura

Department of Mathematics


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E. Corbacho Cortés, “A RAFU linear space uniformly dense in C [a, b]”, Appl. Gen. Topol., vol. 14, no. 1, pp. 53–60, Apr. 2013.



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