Upper and lower cl-supercontinuous multifunctions


  • J.K. Kohli University of Delhi
  • C.P. Arya University of Delhi




upper(lower)cl-supercontinuous multifunction, strongly continuous multifunction, upper(lower) perfectly continuous multifunction, upper(lower) z-supercontinuous multifunction, upper( lower) D-supercontinuous multifunction


The notion of cl-supercontinuity ( clopen continuity) of functions is extended to the realm of multifunctions. Basic properties of upper(lower) cl-supercontinuous multifunctions are studied and their place in the hierarchy of strong variants of continuity of multifunctions is discussed. Examples are included to reflect upon the distinctiveness of upper (lower) cl-supercontinuity of multifunctions from that of othe rstrong variants of continuity of multifunctions which already exist in the literature.


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Author Biographies

J.K. Kohli, University of Delhi

Dept.of Mathematics, Hindu College, University of Delhi, Delhi 110007, India.

C.P. Arya, University of Delhi

Dept.of Mathematics, University of Delhi, Delhi 110007, India.


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