Further aspects of I K-convergence in topological spaces


  • Ankur Sharmah Tezpur University
  • Debajit Hazarika Tezpur University




I-convergence, I K-convergence, I K∗ -convergence, I K-sequential space, I K-cluster point


In this paper, we obtain some results on the relationships between different ideal convergence modes namely, I K, I K∗ , I, K, I ∪ K and (I ∪K) ∗ . We introduce a topological space namely I K-sequential space and show that the class of I K-sequential spaces contain the sequential spaces. Further I K-notions of cluster points and limit points of a function are also introduced here. For a given sequence in a topological space X, we characterize the set of I K-cluster points of the sequence as closed subsets of X.


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Author Biographies

Ankur Sharmah, Tezpur University

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Debajit Hazarika, Tezpur University

Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences

Department of Mathematical Sciences


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A. Sharmah and D. Hazarika, “Further aspects of I K-convergence in topological spaces”, Appl. Gen. Topol., vol. 22, no. 2, pp. 355–366, Oct. 2021.



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