From interpolative contractive mappings to generalized Ciric-quasi contraction mappings


  • Kushal Roy University of Burdwan
  • Sayantan Panja University of Burdwan



fixed point, restricted Ciric-quasi contraction mapping, interpolative strictly contractive type mapping, T-orbitally compact metric space


In this article we consider a restricted version of Ciric-quasi contraction mapping for showing that this mapping generalizes several known interpolative type contractive mappings. Also here we introduce the concept of interpolative strictly contractive type mapping T and prove a fixed point theorem for such mapping over a T-orbitally compact metric space. Some examples are given in support of our established results. Finally we give an observation regarding (λ, α, β)-interpolative Kannan contractions introduced by Gaba et al.


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Author Biographies

Kushal Roy, University of Burdwan

Department of Mathematics

Sayantan Panja, University of Burdwan

Department of Mathematics


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K. Roy and S. Panja, “From interpolative contractive mappings to generalized Ciric-quasi contraction mappings”, Appl. Gen. Topol., vol. 22, no. 1, pp. 109–120, Apr. 2021.



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