Convexity and boundedness relaxation for fixed point theorems in modular spaces




modular space, fixed point, correspondences, b-metric space


Although fixed point theorems in modular spaces have remarkably applied to a wide variety of mathematical problems, these theorems strongly depend on some assumptions which often do not hold in practice or can lead to their reformulations as particular problems in normed vector spaces. A recent trend of research has been dedicated to studying the fundamentals of fixed point theorems and relaxing their assumptions with the ambition of pushing the boundaries of fixed point theory in modular spaces further. In this paper, we focus on convexity and boundedness of modulars in fixed point results taken from the literature for contractive correspondence and single-valued mappings. To relax these two assumptions, we seek to identify the ties between modular and b-metric spaces. Afterwards we present an application to a particular form of integral inclusions to support our generalized version of Nadler’s theorem in modular spaces.


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Fatemeh Lael, Buein Zahra Technical University

Department of Mathematics


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