On I-quotient mappings and I-cs'-networks under a maximal ideal

Xiangeng Zhou


Let I be an ideal on N and f : X → Y be a mapping. f is said to be an I-quotient mapping provided f−1(U) is I-open in X, then U is I-open in Y . P is called an I-cs′-network of X if whenever {xn}n∈N is a sequence I-converging to a point x ∈ U with U open in X, then there is P ∈ P and some n0 ∈ N such that {x, xn0} ⊆ P ⊆ U. In this paper, we introduce the concepts of I-quotient mappings and I-cs′-networks, and study some characterizations of I-quotient mappings and I-cs′- networks, especially J -quotient mappings and J -cs′-networks under a maximal ideal J of N. With those concepts, we obtain that if X is an J -FU space with a point-countable J -cs′-network, then X is a meta-Lindelöf space.


ideal convergence; maximal ideal; I-sequential neighborhood; I-quotient mappings; I-cs'-networks; I-FU spaces

Subject classification

54A20; 54B15; 54C08; 54D55; 40A05; 26A03

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