Fejér monotonicity and fixed point theorems with applications to a nonlinear integral equation in complex valued Banach spaces





Complex valued Banach spaces, fixed point theorems, Féjer monotonicity, iterative processes, cone metric spaces with Banach algebras, mixed type Volterra-Fredholm functional nonlinear integral equation


It is our purpose in this paper to prove some fixed point results and Fejér monotonicity of some faster fixed point iterative sequences generated by some nonlinear operators satisfying rational inequality in complex valued Banach spaces. We prove that results in complex valued Banach spaces are valid in cone metric spaces with Banach algebras. Furthermore, we apply our results in solving certain mixed type VolterraFredholm functional nonlinear integral equation in complex valued Banach spaces.


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Author Biographies

Godwin Amechi Okeke, Federal University of Technology

Senior Lecturer

Department of Mathematics, School of Physical Sciences

Mujahid Abbas, Government College University (Pakistan) ; University of Pretoria (South Africa)


1. Department of Mathematics, Government College University, 54000 Lahore, Pakistan.
2. Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, University of Pretoria ( UP), Pretoria, South Africa


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