Fixed points for fuzzy quasi-contractions in fuzzy metric spaces endowed with a graph

Mina Dinarvand


In this paper, we introduce the notion of G-fuzzy H-quasi-contractions using directed graphs in the setting of fuzzy metric spaces endowed with a graph and we show that this new type of contraction generalizes a large number of different types of contractions. Subsequently, we investigate some results concerning the existence of fixed points for this class of contractions under two different conditions in M-complete fuzzy metric spaces endowed with a graph. Our main results of the work significantly generalize many known comparable results in the existing literature. Examples are given to support the usability of our results and to show that they are improvements of some known ones.


fuzzy metric space; (C)-graph; G-fuzzy quasi-contraction; fixed point

Subject classification

54H25; 47H10; 05C40

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