On ideal sequence covering maps


  • Sudip Kumar Pal Diamond Harbour Women's University
  • Nayan Adhikary Jadavpur University
  • Upasana Samanta Jadavpur University




sequence covering, sequentially quotient, sn-networks, boundary compact map, ideal convergence


 In this paper we introduce the concept of ideal sequence covering map which is a generalization of sequence covering map, and investigate some of its properties. The present article contributes to the problem of characterization to the certain images of metric spaces which posed by Y. Tanaka [22], in more general form. The entire investigation is performed in the setting of ideal convergence extending the recent results in [11,15,16]. 


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Author Biographies

Sudip Kumar Pal, Diamond Harbour Women's University

Department of Mathematics

Nayan Adhikary, Jadavpur University

Department of Mathematics

Upasana Samanta, Jadavpur University

Department of Mathematics


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