On rings of Baire one functions

A. Deb Ray, Atanu Mondal


This paper introduces the ring of all real valued Baire one functions, denoted by B1(X) and also the ring of all real valued bounded Baire one functions, denoted by B1(X). Though the resemblance between C(X) and B1(X) is the focal theme of this paper, it is observed that unlike C(X) and C(X) (real valued bounded continuous functions), B1 (X) is a proper subclass of B1(X) in almost every non-trivial situation. Introducing B1-embedding and B1-embedding, several analogous results, especially, an analogue of Urysohn’s extension theorem is established.


B1(X); B∗1(X); zero set of a Baire one function; completely separated by B1(X); B1-embedded; B∗1-embedded

Subject classification

26A21; 54C30; 54C45; 54C50.

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1. Ideals in B1(X) and residue class rings of B1(X) modulo an ideal
A. Deb Ray, Atanu Mondal
Applied General Topology  vol: 20  issue: 2  first page: 379  year: 2019  
doi: 10.4995/agt.2019.11417

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