When is the super socle of C(X) prime?

S. Ghasemzadeh, M. Namdari


Let SCF(X) denote the ideal of C(X) consisting of functions which are zero everywhere except on a countable number of points of X. It is generalization of the socle of C(X) denoted by CF(X).  Using this concept we extend some of the basic results concerning CF(X) to SCF(X).  In particular, we characterize the spaces X such that SCF(X) is a prime ideal in C(X) (note, CF(X) is never a prime ideal in C(X)). This may be considered as an advantage of SCF(X) over C(X). We are also interested in characterizing topological spaces X such that Cc(X) =R+SCF(X), where Cc(X) denotes the subring of C(X) consisting of functions with countable image.


super socle of C(X); countably isolated point; countably discrete space; cocountably-disconnected space; one-point Lindelöffication

Subject classification

Primary 54C30; 54C40; 54G12; Secondary 13C11; 16H20.

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