F-n-resolvable spaces and compactifications


  • Intissar Dahane University Tunis-El Manar
  • Lobna Dridi University of Tunis
  • Sami Lazaar University Tunis-El Manar




categories, functors, resolvable spaces, compactifications


A topological space is said to be resolvable if it is a union of
two disjoint dense subsets. More generally it is called n-resolvable if it is a union of n pairwise disjoint dense subsets. In this paper, we characterize topological spaces such that their reflections (resp., compactifications) are n-resolvable (resp., exactly-n-resolvable, strongly-exactly-n-resolvable), for some particular cases of reflections and compactifications.


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Author Biographies

Intissar Dahane, University Tunis-El Manar

Faculty of Sciences of Tunis

Lobna Dridi, University of Tunis

Department of Mathematics, Tunis Preparatory Engineering Institute

Sami Lazaar, University Tunis-El Manar

Faculty of Sciences of Tunis


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I. Dahane, L. Dridi, and S. Lazaar, “F-n-resolvable spaces and compactifications”, Appl. Gen. Topol., vol. 20, no. 1, pp. 97–108, Apr. 2019.



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