Potentialités de production et de consommation de la viande cunicole au Liban


  • T. Chalah Université Libanaise
  • E. Hajj Université Libanaise




In order to know the situation of rabbit production and consumption in Lebanon, a survey was conducted concerning all the producers (23), 137 traders, 48 restaurants and 5500 consumers convering all the regions and essentially the Lebanese religions. Results has revealed a traditional rearing methods with 17 tons of live weight of production per year. Only 14.5% of supermarkets and 74% of the restaurants which do not sell the rabbit are for introducing this kind of meat in their sales point in case an advertising campaign is realised-Moreover, the rabbit eater percentage (32.41%) are divided into appreciators (80%) and non appreciators (20%) and 46% of the non consumers accept to taste rabbit meat at the time of its availability in the Lebanese market. Also, Christians are the most opened for consuming rabbit (38%), followed the sunnites and druzes (23.2% and 25.8% respectively) and only 5.5% of chiites (P<0.05).


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