Adaptability of russian angora rabbits in semi arid tropics


  • S.C. Gupta National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources
  • N. Gupta National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources
  • A. Jain Central Sheep and Wool Research lnstitute



Russian Angora rabbits raised under semi arid conditions during 1982-1985 had average kindling % of 58.7. The average litter size at birth and at weaning (6 weeks) were 5.68 and 3.62 respectively. Body weight al birth 6, 12 and 24 weeks were 55 g, 536 g, 1.17 kg and 2.61 kg and 54 g, 536 g, 1.19 kg and 2.64 kg. The first group of data corresponds to males and the second to females. The wool was clipped firstly at 3 months of age and then at quarterly intervals. The wool yield showed steady increase with the age and was highest in the fourth clip: 40g/clip at 3 months and 60g/clip for adults on average. The wool yield in young as well as in adult rabbits was lowest in June clip (-36%/general mean). The influence of age, years and season of clip were significant (P 0.01) while the sex difference were non significant. The breeding of Russian angora rabbits was discontinuad after 1985 due to appearance of a genetic disorder "Retarded Wool Syndrome" which cause significant loss in wool yield. lt was probably due to inbreeding in a small population coupled with adversa effect of hot climate.


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