Effect of feeding a compound diet based on non-conventional feedstuffs on growth and carcass characteristics of rabbits.


  • G.O. Farinu University of Ilorin




Thirty weaner rabbits were randomly allocated to three diets: a laboratory formulated diet based on extruded soybean meal, groundnut haulms, maize and rice­milling by-products, and designated compound diet, a commerc1al rabbit pelleted diet and a commercial poultry grower's mash. Feed and water were supplied ad /ibitum. The compound diet elicited significantly (P<0.05) higher weight gains (15.2 g/d vs 13.4 or 6.3 g/d), feed consumption, feed conversion efficiency and total edible viscera weight compared to the commercial preparations. The dietary effect on the dressing percentage and relative organ and tissue weights was non significant (P>0.05). These results showed that cost-effective rabbit diet coufd be formulated from extruded soybean meal, groundnut haulms, and by-products of the milling of maize and rice.


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