Effects of dietary inclusion of paciflor® (BACILLUS CIP 5832) on the milk composition and performances of does and on caecal and growth parameters of their weanlings


  • L. Maertens Government Agricultural Research Centre Ghent
  • R. Van Renterghem Government Agricultura! Research Centre Ghent
  • G. De Groote Government Agricultura! Research Centre Ghent




Sixty does and their 461 weanlings were used to study the effect of dietary supplementation (1.0 x 106 CFU} of the probiotic Paciflor® (Bacillus CIP 5832) on their performances, does' milk composition and caecal fermentation pattern. The weanlings were partly housed under favourable and less favourable housing conditions. The addition of Paciflor to a reproduction diet resultad in a significantly (P<0.05) higher weaning weight (+ 8 %). Pre-weanmg performances (we1ght, litter size, feed intake) and milk com,eosition (e.g. y-globulin level) showed small and not sigrnficant differences. Under favourable housing conditions daily weight gain during the fattening period was 42.3 g for the control rabbits versus 43.4 for the Paciflor treated rabbits. Under less favourable conditions these values were 41.7 and 41.8 g, respectively. Overall weight gain was not significantly affected by the treatment. However, covariated leed efficiency was 2.3 % more favourable when fed the Paciflor diet (P<0.05). At 70 d, 1 O rabbits were euthanised in each group. Paciflor treated rabbits showed a significant heavier caecum weight. However pH, VFA and NH3 concentrations were not significantly different (P>0.05). Mortality tended to be higher in the Paciflor treated group.


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