Effect of the total or partial replacement of soya meal by Vicia benghalensis on the digestibility, cecotrophy and nitrogen balance in adult rabbits


  • Luisa F. Cunha Instituto Superior de Agronomia
  • J.P.B. Freire Instituto Superior de Agronomia




An experiment on the effect of introduction of Vicia benghalensis in rabbit diets, on the digestibility and nitrogen metabolism, was carried out on 24 New-2ealand does allocated to 3 treatments of 8.The diet 1 is essentially composed of soya meal as nitrogen source. In the diet 2 and 3, Vicia benghalensis is used in place of soya at 20 % and 40 % of the whole diet respectively. The apparent nitrogen digestibility decreased of 2 to 5 points for the diets 2 and 3 respectively (P<0,01). The daily excretion of nitrogen in faeces increased by 30 % and 40 % in faeces and cecotrophes respectively with the 40 % Vicia benghalensis diet.


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