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The 43rd Congress of the Spanish Association of Cuniculture (ASESCU) was held in Calamocha (Teruel province, Aragon region, Spain) from 30th to 31st May 2018, hosted by the Cooperative Society “Esperanza del Jiloca” (CEJI) and the City Council of Calamocha. The three main talks focused on strategies against antibiotic resistance in rabbit farming: one explaining the relevance of this problem and the responsibility of each agent to improve it, another expounding the “Spanish National Plan against Antibiotic Resistance”, and the third showing the first milestones reached in reducing antibiotic use on rabbit farms. Specific sessions were devoted to explaining the outcomes of the three research projects supported by the partnership between the Spanish Institute of Agricultural Research (INIA) and the Rabbit Meat Marketing Board (INTERCUN): one related to welfare and health of rabbit does under different housing systems, the second devoted to the prevention and control of rabbit viral diseases, and the third investigating the etiopathogeny and control of epizootic rabbit enteropathy. In addition, the role and operation of INTERCUN was highlighted. The Chair of ASESCU spoke about this association’s role in the IDCURA project, a working group focused on innovation and divulgation in reducing antibiotic use in rabbit farming. The closing speech explained the workings of LONCUN, the latest reference market for benchmark prices of rabbit meat activated in Spain. Moreover, a total of 20 communications were presented both in working sessions with oral messages and posters (nutrition, pathology, biosecurity and sustainability, housing and welfare, and reproduction and genetics). The meeting was attended by more than 210 participants from several European, American and African countries. Abstracts of the contributions presented are reported below.


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