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No 43 (2015) Extraction of shorelines with sub-pixel precision from Landsat images (TM, ETM+, OLI) Abstract   PDF
J. Almonacid-Caballer
No 44 (2015) 2.5D images based on reflectance information for the interpretation of architectural heritage Abstract   PDF
J. García-Fernández
Special issue: Active Remote Sensing in Forest Applications A comparative study of regression methods to predict forest structure and canopy fuel variables from LiDAR full-waveform data Abstract   PDF
P. Crespo-Peremarch, L.A. Ruiz, A. Balaguer-Beser
Special issue: Active Remote Sensing in Forest Applications A review of the role of active remote sensing and data fusion for characterizing forest in wildlife habitat models Abstract   PDF
J. C. Vogeler, W. B. Cohen
No 46 (2016) A volumetric approach to spatial population disaggregation using a raster build-up layer, land use/land cover databases (SIOSE) and LIDAR remote sensing data Abstract   PDF
F. J. Goerlich
No 44 (2015) Analysis of cross-validation methods for robust retrieval of biophysical parameters Abstract   PDF
Ll. Pérez-Planells, J. Delegido, J. P. Rivera-Caicedo, J. Verrelst
No 42 (2014) Analysis of the topographic effect on the radiometric correction of MERIS images Abstract   PDF
G. Grau, J. Vicent, J. Moreno
No 41 (2014) Application of airborne LiDA R data in viewshed analysis Abstract   PDF
I. Pellicer, J. Estornell, J. Martí
No 43 (2015) Application of the Mean-shift Segmentation Parameters Estimator (MSPE) to VHSR satellite images: Tetuan-Morocco Abstract   PDF
O. Benarchid, N. Raissouni, J.A. Sobrino, A. El Ayyan
No 44 (2015) ASTER L1B satellite data applied to geothermal in Cuba Abstract   PDF
V. González-Acosta, J. L. Torres-Zafra, E. M. González-Rodríguez
No 44 (2015) Cartography of flood hazard by overflowing rivers using hydraulic modeling and geographic information system: Oued El Harrach case (North of Algeria) Abstract   PDF_(en)
S. W. Astite, A. Medjerab, N.-E. Belabid, N. El Mahmouhi, M. El Wartiti, S. Kemmou
No 43 (2015) Change detection in land use from unsupervised classifications for updating SIOSE. Implementation in Galicia Abstract   PDF
D. Vila-García, M.L. Gil-Docampo, M.J. Iniesto-Alba
Special issue: Active Remote Sensing in Forest Applications Characterization of wildland-urban interfaces using LiDAR data to estimate the risk of wildfire damage Abstract   PDF
A. Robles, M. A. Rodríguez-Garrido, M. F. Alvarez-Taboada
No 46 (2016) Cityscape, poverty and crime: A quantitative assessment using VHR imagery Abstract   PDF
Jorge Eduardo Patiño Quinchía
Special issue: Active Remote Sensing in Forest Applications Classification of forest development stages from national low-density lidar datasets: a comparison of machine learning methods Abstract   PDF
R. Valbuena, M. Maltamo, P. Packalen
Special issue: Active Remote Sensing in Forest Applications Combined use of LIDAR and hyperspectral measurements for remote sensing of fluorescence and vertical profile of canopies Abstract   PDF
A. Ounis, J. Bach, A. Mahjoub, F. Daumard, I. Moya, Y. Goulas
No 41 (2014) Consejo de Redacción, Editorial, Información autores Details   PDF
Revista RAET
No 42 (2014) Consejo de redacción, editorial, información autores Details   PDF
Revista RAET
No 44 (2015) Consejo de redacción, editorial, información autores Abstract   PDF
Revista de Teledetección RAET
No 46 (2016) Consejo de redacción, editorial, información autores Abstract   PDF
Luis A. Ruiz
No 46 (2016) Contributions to the knowledge of the multitemporal spatial patterns of the Iberian Peninsula droughts from a Geographic Information Science perspective Abstract   PDF
Cristina Domingo-Marimon
No 43 (2015) Description and extraction of urban fragmentation indices: The Indifrag tool Abstract   PDF
M. Sapena, L.A. Ruiz
No 44 (2015) Determination of agricultural land use: incidence of atmospheric corrections and the implementation in multi-sensor and multi-temporal images Abstract   PDF_(en)
E. Willington, J. P. Clemente, M. Bocco
Special issue: Active Remote Sensing in Forest Applications Determination of forest biomass using remote sensing techniques with radar images. Pilot study in area of the province of Huelva. REDIAM Abstract   PDF
E. Méndez, J. J. Vales, I. Pino, L. Granado, G. Montoya, R. Prieto, I. R. Carpintero, F. Giménez de Azcárate, F. Cáceres, J. M. Moreira, D. de la Fuente, A. Sebastián, J. Suárez
No 47 (2016) Development of advanced products for the SEOSAT/Ingenio mission Abstract   PDF
N. Sabater, A. Ruiz-Verdú, J. Delegido, R. Fernández-Beltrán, P. Latorre-Carmona, F. Pla, M. González-Audícana, J. Álvarez-Mozos, I. Sola, G. Villa, J. A. Tejeiro, E. de Miguel, M. Jimenez, S. Molina, J. Moreno
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